Terms of Use

Q-Express Online Oy’s terms of use regarding the use of the service comply with international laws and conventions to prevent illegal actions.

The service shall not in any manner be used for laundering money, supporting terrorism or human trafficking, or operating in the black market.

The service can only be used by people over the age of 15 with valid Internet banking access codes issued by one of the banks displayed on the home page of the company.

The company wishes to underline to its users the fact that it practices zero tolerance concerning illegal actions.

In addition, Q-Express Oy, in compliance with international laws, has taken into account all risk factors that might benefit money laundering or supporting and financing terrorism.

The company has used a great amount of time to investigate possible illegal methods that might be used to accomplish illegal activities.

Q-Express bears full responsibility on its own behalf and does its best to prevent all kind of actions that might support or finance terrorism or money laundering in any form.

The user’s responsibility is to use to service according to the set norms and realize that he is criminally liable for misuse.